Tip’d – The Financial Digg

I am going to break some news right now. Our economy is in poor shape! There I said it. Amongst all of the confusion and fear of a plummeting stock market and bail outs, people are searching for any information that will help them with their finances and give them an idea of the economic outlook. Enter Tip’d – the newest member of the famed social media club on the internet.On the surface, Tip’d appears to be just another Digg clone trying to capitalize on the exploding social media market. But, once you look a little bit deeper… who am I kidding, it still looks like another Digg clone. With that being said, I am not about to simply write Tip’d off. Tip’d is a niche social media site, “a community for financial news, ideas, and tips”.

Launched just 3 days ago, with the backing of Digg super user Muhammad Saleem, Tip’d currently has about 600 users and nearly 400 posts. The premise of the site is the same as any other social voting site. Users submit stories, which are then “tip’d” by other users who would recommend the story. Top rated stories are then “published” on the front page of the site.

The site shows promise, and could not have been launched at a better time considering the state of all things economic. The site is now facing the tough task of convincing people to use a social media site that still has a relatively low number of users in a niche market. Cue early adapters and their influence on their social networks.

This site is definitely something to check out and has already got me reading some more of the economic news that I tend to miss out on every day.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Tip’d – Username: Rwalters

This post can also be read on the MGH WOM Blog


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