The AWWW Factor: Unveiling the Puppy-Cam

I thought its puppies!

I thought its puppies!

Every once in a while something comes along on the internet that draws massive attention, something that everyone is talking about. Usually it is something that someone creates with the intention to get as many viewers as possible, much like Fred Figglehorn. This time around though, a viral sensation has taken over the World Wide Web, with seemingly non-viral motives.

Enter Puppy-Cam. Originally launched as a way for the owners of 6 Shiba Inu puppies to keep an eye on them when they were not home, the puppy-cam was discovered by the general public and has created hysteria among dog-lovers everywhere.

Most incredibly, the puppies have developed somewhat of a cult following. They consistently have more than 10,000 people viewing at any given time, and have maxed out at over 15,000 viewers. In just the 5 weeks that the puppies have been on air, they have received nearly 2 million views to their cam.

At MGH, we can thank our own wom-mer, Ashley, for exposing everyone to them. It has been a mainstay on a few co-workers desktop – which in turn translates to frequent “AWWW’s” from across the office.

The Shiba Inu puppies prove the power of online word of mouth. I do not think a day has passed in the last few weeks that I have not seen a Tweet about “the puppies”. When you have something unique to offer, people will talk about it. With that being said, go enjoy the puppies. They have missed you for the three minutes you’ve been away!

***UPDATE*** All this puppy chat has lead to an article on Not to mention a dedicated fan who is Twittering the pups every move (@pupdate).  This continues to show how powerful word of mouth really is!!!

This has also been posted on the MGH WOM Blog.



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