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Taxi Cab Confessions with Chevy

October 7, 2008

This is my first post on this blog. There will be much more to come, hopefully on a fairly regular basis. You will learn more about me and the purpose of this blog as I figure it all out. With that said, here we go.


Chevy has recently launched an online microsite promoting their cheap, fuel saving car, the Aveo 5. The site, dubbed “Livin’ Large in Aveo 5 College Cab” is an attempt to create viral media for a brand trying to reach further into the college market.

The concept of the site is that Chevy travels around the country visiting different colleges and universities offering freeĀ  rides to students in the Aveo 5 College Cab. The students are then filmed inside the car and the videos uploaded to the microsite. The student who does the best job of pushing out their own video has a chance to win the car.

The idea behind this is sound, in my opinion. The method being used in order to get the site to a viral status is interesting. By adding an incentive such as a car, Chevy is empowering users to heavily push people to the site to check out their own video, and obviously Chevy hopes they will stick around a little bit and check out some of the bad-ass features this hatchback has to offer.

So, like I said, the IDEA behind this is sound. It is the execution and direction of the videos that has be a bit concerned as to whether or not this has the potential to be a viral success. The success of this campaign relies upon quality content, and from what I can see so far, the content from the students is pretty dull. The interaction with the cab driver is kind of creepy at times, and it really does not make me want to show anyone, mainly for fear that they would think I was weird for watching it. The whole thing gives off a much more “Taxi Cab Confessions” vibe than the “crazy college kids” vibe that I think they were hoping for.

Check out the site and leave a comment as to what you think!