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The @TweetBomb

November 23, 2008

If anyone one is keeping up with trends going on on Twitter (I have a feeling a couple of people may be doing so), you may have noticed a spike in conversation about @tweetbomb. It is a pretty cool “social experiment”, as its calling itself. Although the real motive behind it is un-clear, it seems like just a fun way to get distracted for a few minutes in the afternoon.

The concept is simple. @tweetbomb will send out instructions to ‘BOMB’ an apparently random (there has been mention of some criteria being involved) Twitter user simply by send nothing but an @(username) message (it happens daily at 3:33pm est). Ideally, the person will receive tons of messages from random people. It seems like a pretty good way to find some new followers or followees on Twitter.

So far, there are 350 followers of @tweetbomb, and that number seems to dramatically increase each day and it appears a large portion of these people are participating. You can see some of the chatter going on about @tweetbomb here. We will see where the bomb leads us next. So if you aren’t following, you may as well